Our sprout farm

Our sprout farm

Last night my girlfriend and I made our first attempt at an urban garden. Right now we have a Burpee seed sprouting tray, residing safely next to the window in my apartment. With a total expenditure including seeds around $10, I’m hoping that we can get some herbs, tomatoes and maybe cucumbers out of it.

I’d like to report on its growth to inform and perhaps inspire other gridlocked urban farmers to try their own hand at growing things indoors. Right now I’m concerned with the lighting once the sprouts come up and I have to start transplanting. A friend is telling me I need grow lights, and another blog I read mentioned certain fluorescent lights. Time will tell. I also considered sneaking them up to my roof every day for maximum light exposure – but that’ll have to wait until the warm May starts.


Sprouts after 3 weeks

Sprouts after 3 weeks

Three weeks elapsed, and now I have a sprout jungle. Cucumbers sprouted up almost overnight, followed by tomatoes, then basil, cilantro and now rosemary. In perhaps another few weeks, I will be putting them into individual pots as needed. For the cucumbers, I may end up getting a trough and hanging them outside my window…who knows.


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